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.marine makes biodiversity data expanding your marine and coastal investment!


An unique set of databases with enviromental data

Ad hoc Collection

Collecting data from the field making environment your own asset!


Algorithm able to analyse data and transform it to real actions!

Thematic routes

Thematic routes providing amazing experiences to travelers!


Reports with meaningful information about your assets and its relationships!

Citizen Science

Educational and electronic material promoting citizen science!

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Increase your CSR

Increase your CSR by transforming your enviromental investment to environmental concern!

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Learn how your environment works; plan your investment and save time and money!


Transform your bid data of your assets to meaningful actions!


Explore the unlimited opportunities our business intelligence provides to environmental data!

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We build the real value!


E-waste and the Internet of Things

Essentially, IoT describes the integration of any object, whatever its size or nature, into the communications space. Thanks to the timely convergence of many technologies, anything can now be reached and interfaced with, anytime, anywhere. This is fertile ground for application developers.


WaterBot: our water IoT Sensor from Carnegie Mellon

We coordinate our actions to the Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE Lab; thus we use their IoT water quality sensor; WaterBot! It has been developed in order to help gather localized pollution data. #WaterBot #bimatters


Our CO2 footprint report

Our Carbon footprint report

According to our environmental responsibility policy, BI matters has been measuring, managing and disseminating its C02 emissions resulting from its own internal activities since April 2017. Keep on reading!


Our environmental responsibility

We ensure you that any waste we produce as a result of your business operations is stored safely and securely, treated appropriately and collected for disposal or recycling by an organization.


Can IoT devices help the enviroment?

On 5 June, every year, we have the World Environment Day. The United Nations uses the date every year to create awareness regarding pressing environmental issues. Every year the topic is different. But even some topics are a non-technological field, the IoT can be useful for environmental uses. Here are five ways technology is being used to make the world a better place: #enviromentalsensors #iberianlynx #smartfarming #energyefficieny


Does the Environment Need Big Data?

Big Data – an environmental asset

Big Data has emerged as a game-changing presence in commerce and politics. What used to be the vast and unknown cosmos of individual behavior and preferences can now be parsed for patterns and trends to aid in decision-making. Where policies used to be based on gut-checks and intuition, Big Data is now being translated into decisions that result in great profit, political gain, or, according to its more sanguine proponents, to save the world.


Valuation of Ecosystem Services 

This section defines and explains some important concepts related to how economists approach ecosystem valuation.

Ecosystem valuation can be a difficult and controversial task, and economists have often been criticized for trying to put a “pricetag” on nature.

Why Estimate Ecosystem?

Why Estimate Ecosystem Values?

Faced with tightening budgets and growing needs for environmental actions, government agencies must make difficult decisions about how to allocate public investments to protect and restore the natural environment.  In making such decisions, environmental program managers may consider many objectives, including environmental quality, threats to ecosystem integrity, and effects on people’s quality of life. This website will help those who need to make practical use of economics for these types of decisions.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

More than 150 world leaders gathered at United Nations Headquarters in New York to adopt an ambitious new sustainable development agenda at a 3-day summit that commenced Friday 25 September 2015.

Agreed by the 193 Member States of the UN, the new agenda, Transforming Our World: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, consists of a Declaration, 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and 169 targets.


Marine BI Matters at the Patras IQ Exhibition

.marine BI matters participates in the Exhibition Patras Innovaton Quest – PatrasIQ 2017.

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.marine B.I. matters makes sense big data into real knowledge for your company, organization as well as the enviroment we all live!
Increase your CSR by transforming your enviromental investment to environmental concern! Learn how your environment works; plan your investment and save time and money! Transform your bid data of your assets to meaningful actions!

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