Essentially, IoT describes integrating any object into the communications space, whatever its size or nature. We can […]
We coordinate our actions to Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE Lab; thus, we use their IoT water quality sensor, […]
Our Carbon footprint report According to our environmental responsibility policy, BI matters has measured, managed, and disseminated […]
We ensure that any waste we produce as a result of your business operations is stored safely […]
On 5 June, every year, we have World Environment Day. Every year, the United Nations uses this […]
Big Data – an environmental asset Big Data has emerged as a game-changing presence in commerce and […]
Valuation of Ecosystem Services
This section defines and explains some important concepts related to how economists approach ecosystem services valuation. The […]
Why Estimate Ecosystem Values? Faced with tight budgets and growing needs for environmental actions, government agencies must […]
More than 150 world leaders gathered at United Nations Headquarters in New York to adopt an ambitious […]
.marine BI matters participate in the Exhibition Patras Innovation Quest – PatrasIQ 2017. Patras IQ is a […]