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WaterBot: our water IoT Sensor from Carnegie Mellon

We coordinate our actions to the┬áCarnegie Mellon’s CREATE Lab; thus we use their IoT water quality sensor; WaterBot! It has been developed in order to help gather localized pollution data. #WaterBot #bimatters

The device is a portable pollution detector that citizen scientists can use inside or outside and then have the devices automatically upload the data to the web to paint a bigger picture of air and water quality in the area.


The WaterBot tests for water quality. One end can be dipped into a water source like a lake or stream and then it will upload pollution data to the web via a ZigBee-installed module so that everyone who lives near that water source can stay informed. According to the WaterBot website, the data is “collected at a high frequency, allowing the detection of events that are invisible to other types of sensors. The WaterBot Sensor is designed for field deployment and can be powered for up to a 12-months period on one set of batteries.”


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