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Does the Environment Need Big Data?

Big Data – an environmental asset

Big Data has emerged as a game-changing presence in commerce and politics. What used to be the vast and unknown cosmos of individual behavior and preferences can now be parsed for patterns and trends to aid in decision-making. Where policies used to be based on gut-checks and intuition, Big Data is now being translated into decisions that result in great profit, political gain, or, according to its more sanguine proponents, to save the world.


Valuation of Ecosystem Services 

This section defines and explains some important concepts related to how economists approach ecosystem valuation.

Ecosystem valuation can be a difficult and controversial task, and economists have often been criticized for trying to put a “pricetag” on nature.

Why Estimate Ecosystem?

Why Estimate Ecosystem Values?

Faced with tightening budgets and growing needs for environmental actions, government agencies must make difficult decisions about how to allocate public investments to protect and restore the natural environment.  In making such decisions, environmental program managers may consider many objectives, including environmental quality, threats to ecosystem integrity, and effects on people’s quality of life. This website will help those who need to make practical use of economics for these types of decisions.


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