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Our CO2 footprint report

Our Carbon footprint report

According to our environmental responsibility policy, BI matters has been measuring, managing and disseminating its C02 emissions resulting from its own internal activities since April 2017.

The results have been calculated automatically using DEFRA and other internationally recognized metrics. Datasets have been entered entirely by our and no checking has been done by Carbon Footprint Ltd as to validity or completeness of the dataset.

How good are these results?

  • Office administration based organizations generally have a carbon footprint of between 2 and 5 tonnes per employee.
  • High energy businesses such as manufacturing and those with very high travel/transport usage (e.g. logistics, waste management) will have a much higher footprint at around 10-30 tonnes per employee.

Here’s how our carbon footprint compares:

 Feel free to contact us about how we did it.

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