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The project “.marine” in the COMPET dinner

On behalf of the Maltese Presidency of the European Union, BI matters was invited to the dinner that was be organised for the Ministers responsible for competitiveness. The dinner was held on the 5th April of 2017 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valetta.

During the dinner BI matters had the opportunity to illustrate to our European Counterparts the challenges and opportunities faced by our business within the start up phase.

We would like to express our honey appreciation to the Maltese President of the European Union for the invitation.

The project “.marine” is considered to be full of sustainability and environmental awareness; two of the main pillars of EU Competitiveness.

We do strongly believe that the forthcoming Informal Meeting of Competitiveness Ministers (COMPET) of 05 April 2017, was great opportunity and honour for us to be there and present our work, discussing the challenges and opportunities already faced as well as interacting with the other participants.


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